Monday Insights: Grumble vs Give

give1Most of us have heard the term: the gift of giving.

Is it really a gift though? When we give, is it really a good thing? I believe hands down that it is. Giving not only makes us feel good – which is the ‘selfish’ bit – but it can help someone else when they really need it. We have no idea whose life we might be turning around when we give even just a little. Additionally, giving doesn’t have to be material things, we can give of ourselves too — our time, energy and *insert whatever doesn’t have a price tag attached here*.

give2Grumbling can come in right alongside giving. Doesn’t mean that we’re Scrooges, just that sometimes when we give we feel the sting of it. Maybe we’ve given an extra set of funds that we’d planned to go on a trip with or, it could be that we’ve committed to a project and are so worn out from our own day-to-day, that we wished we’d never said yes in the first place. I’ve grumbled at times, not because I didn’t want to help, but because sometimes before I could allow myself to bask in the awesome that is just giving, I was already trying to work out how it affected me. In the interim, I would lose sight of the fact that I’d done good and should be happy and content that I could.

give3My mum says something which I have made my own with this short phrase: Give without grumbling, cause everything we’ve been given could have been given to someone else. When I think of this, I have to sit back and kick myself for even remotely focusing on the pseudo-negatives of giving. So what if we can’t buy an extra tub of ice-cream one month cause we gave snacks’ money away? So what if we spend another hour trying to help someone out in a pinch? So what? We were given these things and are part of a circle. What that means is that this circle will eventually come back around our way when give4we need it. Truth is, often it comes around when we aren’t in need and it just increases what we already have. It might not be in the way we think, but the circle continues on its merry way, going round and round and we reap the benefits.

We have to be thankful for the things we have and for the things we can give to help others. We’re all in this thing together whether we want to believe it or not. Helping and giving to another person is good karma, it’s good for our souls, for our lives and our overall progress.



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