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Sons of Anarchy (Quick Review)

sons1I’d heard about this show over the years and it was always surrounded by tons of hype though I’d never bothered to indulge. This week I got into it and all the fanfare was well-deserved.

Revolving around SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original), its members, and every bit of crazy that’s attached to their illegal activities, Sons of Anarchy (SoA) is one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. The story centres on “Jax Teller” (Charlie Hunnam) who at the start of the show is vice president of the club. Jax constantly bumps heads with “Clay Morrow” (Ron Perlman) his stepfather sons2and president, as he disagrees with the direction SAMCRO’s going in. Jax wants the club to get out of the gun game and go legitimate, while Clay – with his eyes on the money it brings – prefers that they dig in even deeper. This results in seasons of backlash, as those that support either side, slowly rip the crew apart from the inside out.

sosn4With Real IRA, the Niners, the Mayans and multiple other gang connections, the club faces challenge after challenge that is made more difficult as tempers flare from within. As if that wasn’t enough, family and loved ones are always in the mix, stirring up or trying to diffuse trouble, both of which never seem to make things quite right.

There is so much more I can say about this show all without giving too many spoilers and for the most part I really enjoyed it. If I had a negative comment, it would be that I didn’t like the almost ‘me and mum against the world’ relationship that Jax seemed to share with his mother and club matriarch “Gemma Teller Morrow” (Katey Sagal) at times. I will say though, that I see the reasons for it and why the characters would have become this way with each other over the years.

sons4SoA is one of those shows with such a brilliant cast, that it feels near sacrilegious to leave any of them out in a review. However, to avoid going on too much, I’ll mention just a few: Tommy Flanagan (Chibs) – a right-hand man anyone would want, Kim Coates (Tig) – not the most ordinary of men, Maggie Siff (Tara) – Jax’s longtime love with an impulsive temper, Dayton Callie (Wayne Unser) – Gemma’s go-to cleanup guy, Ron Howard (Opie) – Jax’s best friend and loyal to a fault and Mark Boone Junior (Robert Munson) – old faithful.

sons5SoA has seven seasons under its belt and is worth a watch if you enjoy action-filled drama that will make you feel like you’re walking every step of the way with the characters 🙂.


Besides eating up SAMCRO, I’ve been . . .



Quickdates (quick updates)

1) This week was definitely a rough one for me on the emotional front, but I did try to move past it and get through some work — the show must always go on. That resulted in more writing completed, necessary updates to some of my social media pages made (including LinkedIn) and other odds and ends that needed to be done.sons9

2) I’ve also been setting myself up to begin filming again so my YouTube channel doesn’t continue to sit idly by. This time I’m working it out properly so I don’t end up skipping weeks of video posts like before. When I’m up and running again I’ll be sure to let you know :).



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