Random Wednesdays: Lie To Herself (Excerpt)

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fantasy1Though I’m predominantly a fantasy and sci-fi author, I still dabble in other genres at times. I enjoy flexing my literary muscles in this way, especially as some pieces simply don’t call out to me with a vampire lurking around the corner ^_^. I was looking over some work I did years ago, cleaning out my document closet on my computer, when I came across a novella I’d started, gotten about forty pages in but never completed.

We enter this drama/romance as Cathryn and Eric find themselves at odds. Enjoy :):


The Lie To Herself (Drama/Romance excerpt)

wed1~ “What the hell’s wrong with you?” Cathryn had learnt to temper her anger in her years with her ex, but Eric’s behaviour when all she’d wanted to do was have a good time, was seriously starting to annoy her.

Nothing I said, just leave it Cat.” He looked at her with a pained expression and she tried to change the subject.

“Come on then, let’s have a bite,” Cathryn reached to open her car door  but sat back soon after. She couldn’t ‘just leave it’.

“What’s wrong Eric, are you upset because I gave Terrence the shoot?” Terrence was one of her photographers, he was gifted and she wanted to see more from him, so she’d given him the next wed3month’s cover as a kind of experiment. Her aim was to see how he handled himself, so she’d know that there was someone else she could rely on if Eric wasn’t available. When he didn’t respond she added, “Cause, I told you I was thinking about it months ago and . . .”

“You think this is about that? Stuff Terrence! Why would I care? I’m glad in fact, it’ll take some of the load off me, it isn’t about that.” She hardly ever saw Eric angry, much less raising his voice, still she couldn’t resist needling him.

“Ah, well at least now you’re admitting it’s something,” Cathryn clapped her hands cheekily. This only served to make him angrier.

“Always a joke to you isn’t it? Always a joke,” he shook his head and looked away.

wed2“Eric, I’m slowly starting to loathe the way you’re speaking to me, almost reminding me of . . .” He turned back to her, furious,

“Don’t you dare say it. Don’t you dare, I’m not him, I’m Eric, the man who’s loved you for years, the man who you made to feel like an outcast for that sodding bastard and the man that loves you still.”

Cathryn said nothing for a moment, completely stunned by his words. A couple passing them as he shouted looked into the car with interest and Cathryn flipped them off. They gave her mean looks and hurried along. That’s what you get for being nosy, she thought.

“Eric I . . .” she began, but again he wouldn’t let her finish.

“You talk about how I’m talking to you, how I treat you, yet you’re the one who’s treated me however she’s felt like at the drop of a bloody hat,”

wed5“Eric, I…you know I . . .”

“Look Cat, I love you, I probably always will, but I can’t take you being all peachy one second and bloody awful the next. Especially after what we shared?” Cathryn finally understood.

“I know we haven’t been able to spend time or really talk about what happened, but Eric you know how I am on deadline, I’m that way with everyone.”

“See that’s just the problem Cat, I don’t want to be like everyone else.”

“You know what I mean, I just can’t . . .” She was done explaining, she didn’t want to argue anymore. It had been two months since the thing. She wouldn’t wait for him to ask her again, she’d know if she was ready in a minute. Decision made, Cathryn started her car, drove out of the parking lot and onto the busy street.

wed6“What are you doing Cat?” she didn’t look at him as she answered.

“I’m going to make this right, I’m going to show you what you really mean to me Eric.” She knew he could read between the lines; pick up her meaning. He didn’t say anything, no doubt thinking like her, that if he did it would break . ~


Not sure if I’ll ever finish this particular story but I remember it being tough while writing at the time, as I drew from experiences including those from an abusive relationship and dotted Cathryn’s brand of crazy with some of my own ^_^.


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