Monday Insights: Change the Conversation

mon1What do you find yourself talking about most?

By extension, on what journey do your thoughts take you on a regular basis? These questions have stopped me in my tracks more than once and caused me to flip the script. When I realise that I’ve been too focused on the negative, I endeavour to change my thoughts and my conversation.

mon2This isn’t always easy, especially when we’re faced with the same issues day after day. I’ve had to deal with incidents in the last few years that have resulted in lots of conversations filled with negative stories. I’ve rehashed accounts numerous times, speculated endlessly and been in relative disbelief at individuals involved. Recently I realised that because of this, I’ve allowed these negative entities to take up too much space in my life. They were semi-permanent residents that had no intention of moving on, because I wasn’t letting them.

mon3When we’re progressing in our lives, we sometimes don’t realise that we’re still focusing on things that hold us back. Something as simple as having coffee with a friend, catching up on what’s going on in our lives, can turn into a half day marathon of painful memories and annoyance. I’m not saying we shouldn’t share those things that offend us, just that we have to know when to draw the line and move on.

mon1It’s even more important that we know when the negative is taking over our focus to the point where we’re not producing optimally, even though it may seem that way on the surface. Lovely readers, let’s change our conversation, shed the dead weight of negativity from our thoughts and be mindful of where our focus lies.



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2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Change the Conversation

  1. I talk too much. There, I’ve said it. Thing is I try to be positive and uplifting as much as possible but admit that I can spend lots of time complaining or whining instead. Yet, I think there is hope for me (and of course all others like me). We are talking works in progress … hold me back! LOL. Happee Mondee Jackie 🙂

    1. Lols @ “hold me back!” Yes Gale, I have to try and remember, sometimes it swallows me up before I realise its happening — never a good thing.

      Thanks so much for your input and I wish you a fantastic week :)!

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