Friday Highlights 138!

mad1Mad Men (Quick Review)

Yes, yes, I know I’m far behind with this show, but I started it this week after putting it off for a long while. Before I continue, let me first say that if you’re trying to quit smoking, tread carefully before watching. I have never seen as much lighting up, drags and puffs of smoke in one place as I have in this series lol.


mad2Mad Men has seven seasons under its belt, so for those who decide to get into it, no more “Donald Draper” (Jon Hamm) gracing your screen with his debonaire charm. The show revolves around the life and times of Draper, a top-notch ad man at a small, but lucrative firm back in the ’60s. Viewers are able to walk into the life of the main character and supporting cast, as they navigate the fierce waters of the business world, while trying to make their company Sterling Cooper, one that could rival the big boys. Due to mad5Draper’s prowess in his field, one doesn’t think of the company as an underdog, just a bit ‘unlucky in love’ at times. Couple all this with steamy – often illicit – love affairs and constant backroom dealing, and it’s not surprising that I decided to stay till the end.

Note that the series is a straight-up drama, no two-ways about it, and for that reason I was a bit biased at times as it is not a preferred genre of mine. Though I watched most of the show, my preferences resulted in me skipping whole chunks of rhetoric at mad4times, just to fast forward to the endgame. Either way, I pushed on and watched season after season, always wanting to know what was going to happen next. Additionally, there were stellar performances from the supporting cast including: Christina Hendricks (“Joan Harris” –  check out her strut), John Slattery (“Roger Sterling” – the bounce back king), January mad3Jones (“Betty Francis” – who I loved to hate), Elisabeth Moss (“Peggy Olsen” – jury’s still out), Vincent Kartheiser (“Pete Campbell” – voted best expressions in business meetings) and so many other fabulous actors.

So, if you’re into dramas that build up the suspense along the mad6way or if you’re a fan of Suits and can handle a slower pace than that series, this could be another watch for you :).


Besides wondering how many hours it took to devote to Mad Men, I’ve been . . .



Quickdates (Quick Updates)
1) Writing, writing, working, writing, writing oh and working. I don’t know what else to tell you guys, that’s been the lay of the land for me in recent weeks lol.working1

2) Started back working out and though my body wants to protest, it feels really good to be back on the horse . . . for the hundredth time. I’m going to try to make it stick this time, no excuses. Feel free to question me about my upkeep in the comments ^_^.



That’s all from me today lovely readers, thanks for joining me and what’s your week been like? Talk to me in the comments below :)!


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