Random Wednesdays: Ayestra Calling (Excerpt 3)

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WattpadSECRETSMy YA Action & Adventure/Fantasy book SECRETS, Return of the Guardian Trilogy (Book 1) will soon see its sequel AYESTRA CALLING, joining it on virtual shelves this October. It is one of two releases slated for this year, the second being The Wardens Series Season 2, which will be released in July 2015. I’ve shared excerpts from Secrets before and the full story is free to download here: Read SECRETS Free!. I’ve also shared short excerpts from Ayestra Calling over the last months (easily found by using the title as keywords) and today, wish to do the same.

We enter as Emma is faced with Noah’s change of heart and tempers run hot. Enjoy :):



AYESTRA CALLING (Chapter 9 excerpt)

fantasy1~ When I awoke it was to Noah staring at me from a foot away. He looked weary, but perked up as my eyes started to open. I tried to move my arms, then my feet, but the persistent jolts of pain that accompanied these actions made me stop.

“Some kind of electricity,” came a voice from further away and turning, I saw Tai in the same predicament. He was chained to a wall, his feet and hands bound with silver cuffs.

“What did . . .” I began, then clearing my throat, “What did you do to us?” My mouth felt very dry and judging from the difficulty I’d just had speaking, I assumed my forced sleep had been for more than a few hours like I’d originally suspected.

“It’s a potion they use here on prisoners; you get immune to it after a while.”

Don’t talk to her,” came a harsh order from across the room,

“It’s okay Tai, he can’t hurt me anymore than he already has.” Noah looked pained,

“Emma, I didn’t mean to . . . ”

fantasy1“Didn’t mean to what? Chain me to a wall, or cheat on me? Which is it?” A fire was starting to rise up in me again and I felt my body go hot despite the fact that I’d been stripped to my tank top and underwear.

“I didn’t cheat on you Emma, we weren’t even together.” That stung and I pushed myself forward, teeth bared at him, but was soon pelted back by the force of the pulse that shocked my body into submission. When this latest pain passed, I said more calmly,

“The point is, we came back for you and this is what greets us? You’re on the other side of the fence and we’re prisoners? So much for doing a good deed.” Noah shook his head,

“I had no idea you were going to come back Emma, I told him to keep you away from here,” he replied nodding at Tai.

“Are you serious? Of course I came back, you saved me before, how could I just leave you here? Is that how little you think of me?”

“Save your breath, he’s not worth the time,” Tai’s bitterness was showing no signs of receding and I couldn’t say I blamed fantasy2him for it, I however, was apparently a sucker for punishment.

“And what about your mother?” I continued, “She more or less told me I had no choice but to bring you back.”

“My new life is here,” Noah said simply,

“With Keia?” I snapped, hating myself for this childish jealousy. Noah looked away,

“She helped me gain my freedom and we, we hit it off I guess.” Is he brainwashed? I wondered.

“So you forget about everything we’ve been through, everything we’ve shared, for a few weeks with some random chick?” fantasy2My voice managed to avoid breaking with the burden of that question and for that I was glad.

“It’s not like that Emma, but come on,” he looked back at me, eyes flashing, “You know full well no one will ever approve of us together, especially now it’s becoming clearer to others who you are.”

“That’s never mattered to me, you know that Noah. How can you just . . . ”

“Wait!” Tai’s voice boomed, “What did you mean by that yokunsla? Who are these others that know of her origins?” ~


I’ve always enjoyed the strained dynamic between Emma, Noah and Tai and look forward to sharing more from these characters and others in the Return of the Guardian world in the coming months :).



Check out the Ayestra Calling book trailer below :):


Additionally here are some passages from Ayestra Calling for your reading pleasure :):

fantasy1 ‘Excerpt 1’:Enter the story with this short unedited excerpt taken from Chapter 2, as Tai is unwillingly pulled into dangerous conversation with Emma.

‘Excerpt 2’: This unedited excerpt is taken from Chapter 3. Emma is about to swim for her supper and will encounter much more than she expected.


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AWAKENING COVERPlease note: After this long break both parts of Chapter 16: Glamorous Lies, will be posted on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’ on May 23, 2015. The remaining 4 chapters: Chapters 17-20 will be released on May 27 – 30, 2015! (Changes due to tech uncertainty).

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