Monday Insights: Not Too Hard

fantasy1I decided recently that I needed to stop looking at life’s challenges as difficult.

Often in negative and overwhelming situations, one of the first things we state is how hard life is. Even if we tip it back to the positive scales over time, depending on the situation there can be this feeling that situations are just too tough to handle.

Before I continue, let me note that I’m not saying that they might not feel that way or that mon1they’re not. I just feel that the more we speak it, the more it will remain the same.

Instead, let’s try to take on life’s challenges as they come, remembering that they are the stepping stones to the life and experiences we have asked for. Constantly telling ourselves that life’s hard, won’t make it any easier. Choosing instead to face it head on, while taking the reins with purpose, will see us through :).



How do you view life’s challenges? Talk to me in the comments below :).


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