Friday Highlights 137!

Welcome to Sweden (Quick Review)

fri1Ever watch a show that leaves you simply nostalgic? I’ve never been to Sweden, but watching Welcome to Sweden not only reminds me of my time spent in Denmark, but of the beautiful relationships that were forged there.

fri4The show centres on “Bruce Evans” (Greg Poehler), who leaves a high-powered job as an accountant to the stars in order to to live in his girlfriend “Emma Wilk’s” (Josephine Bornebusch) homeland Sweden. He does all this without a job lined up and not having much of a clue about the citizens’ culture or their language.

fri3For fans of Parks and Recreation, you’d probably enjoy the style of the show as it’s direction is much the same. I also enjoy the fact that both languages — English and Swedish are utilised throughout, with subtitles given where necessary. Additionally, executive producer Amy Poehler (who I think is pretty hilarious), makes regular appearances as one of Bruce’s demanding ex-clients, who won’t accept that he’s moved on. Other celebrities also make appearances as themselves – usually in rather amusing roles – and the rest of the cast (especially fri2the Swedish actors), add to the overall vibe of the show in a very good way.

In summary, anyone who’s loved across borders and more importantly cultures, will be able to relate to this show, and for those who haven’t, it’s a fun time taking in all the differences there are between cultures.

Besides being reminded that Barbadians aren’t the only ones who take their shoes off inside, I’ve been . . .


1) Doing some research for my books, so I don’t muddle any actual facts. A bit time-consuming at times, but necessary :).fri5

2) Working out new ways to push products and become more successful in my fields. Trial and error is definitely a thing in my line, but with continuous perseverance, results are seldom far behind ^_^.



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