Monday Insights: Burnt Bridges

bridge1In the habit of burning bridges?

There have been a couple salvageable ones I’ve burnt in the past, while one or two were necessary. Sometimes it’s tough to know the difference but here’s an easy way to break it down:

Salvage: Some relationships (with family, friends, lovers, etc), aren’t healthy and as such we need to break free of them. However, when they aren’t a continuous hindrance or overall horror-show for your day-to-day progress and general well-being or, in situations where both parties are willing to make changes for the better, then that bridge can remain standing.

mon1Burn with extreme prejudice: In the case where a relationship is so toxic we literally feel as though we’re turned inside out, we can’t seem to find the door to happiness and are simply bogged down with the weight of it constantly, I recommend burning the bridge.

When a bridge is burnt it doesn’t always mean that it won’t be rebuilt in the future. Just as you are always changing and evolving, mon1so are others and that means it’s possible that someone you could not stand to be around before, could end up being a part of your life again. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to save the ash from every crushed relationship in hopes that this will be the case.

To me, burning a bridge is a last resort and should not be taken lightly. Avoid doing so in a fit of rage or discontent. Of the couple I’ve burnt, one was the abuser in a bad relationship and I don’t regret my choice as it was for the best. Consider all angles before making these kinds of decisions.



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