Monday Insights: Need A Hand?

mon1Sometimes it’s tough to accept help from others.

This is especially true if you’re accustomed to being rather independent and doing things for yourself. It can be difficult to allow others to reach out and give assistance when we need it.

I admit to being guilty of this. They’re many times that I’ve refused, taken grudgingly or put up a fight club worthy battle when help has been offered. Recently I realised that I needed to let my pride take a backseat when people who cared were trying to be good to me.

mon2Refusing help when it’s needed not only affects us, but those offering. It can make these people feel unwanted and under-appreciated, they can feel a weight on their shoulders as they worry about us and meanwhile, we decide not to give their best wishes the time of day. I’m not saying that we should take help from every Tom, Dick and Harry as consideration must be taken regarding who’s offering and the motives behind that offering. I also don’t endorse leaving responsibilities to others when we can do for ourselves. However, I have come to believe that when it’s a necessity and someone is willing to show kindness and help, we can happily accept.

mon3It isn’t easy to do so, for me it still isn’t. I try not to feel guilty each time I say “yes, thank you” and try to push away the feeling that I need to do something for that person immediately to even the scales. Often people are put in our lives for a purpose we might not yet be able to see. When we’re in a bind and in that moment their purpose is to free us from it, let it happen :).



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