Friday Highlights 134!

The Royals

fri2So I’ve wanted to watch this new E! show for a while and finally started it this week. My first thoughts were that after you get past the eye-roll worthy scenes of ‘that would never happen in real life’ it’s pretty good overall. I enjoy the banter between the characters, the exploits of the help and of course, the ever faithful ‘prince and commoner romance’ storyline.

Elizabeth Hurley is excellent – and ruthless – as “Queen Helena”, while next in line to the throne “Prince Liam” played by William Moseley, probably has more than a few watchers swooning as they watch. Other characters to watch for are ‘the commoner’ “Ophelia” Merritt Patterson, off-the-rails “Princess Eleanor” Alexandra Park, treacherous uncle “Prince Cyrus” Jake Maskall and the king that everyone can agree is pretty great “King Simon” Vincent Regan. The supporting cast all have important roles to play and all execute them well. I also appreciate the fact that from the best to worst personalities, there’s something in each that viewers can connect to.

fri1Regular readers know I’m not a fan of spoilers so I don’t give many in these short reviews, I’ll just say this: If you’re into shows with a modern look at royalty and nobility and that are chock full of drama and zaps of comic relief, this one is for you :).

Besides not wanting to get on Queen Helena’s bad side I’ve been . . .



fantasy11) Still waiting on my ISP to get connected to the internet again. It’s been quite frustrating in the last days as they keep giving assurances and then haven’t followed through. However, I’ve been getting some work done in between, so I’m thankful for that and as I know getting angry about it won’t make it any better, I’m trying to remain calm :).

2) Working on some mass media management projects for my other job. It’s great being a consultant, but has been a bit of a juggling act fantasy1trying to get everything dealt with while using spotty internet.

3) Gearing myself up for another writing binge. This weekend I plan on writing some more and I’m really looking forward to what will end up on the page ^_^.




That’s all from me today lovely readers, thanks for joining me and what’s your week been like? Talk to me in the comments below :)!


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