Friday Highlights 133!

Forever Quick Review

fri1It took me a while to start watching Forever. Honestly I thought the series would be really campy and reaching. Instead, this week I’ve been pleasantly surprised. While it is a bit campy and cliché in some ways, I appreciate the fact that while it could be rather dark considering the subject matter – an immortal passing through the ages, the writers have gone in another direction. The darkest moments in the series so far are those related to the main story which progresses every few episodes. Otherwise “Dr. Henry Morgan” (Ioan Gruffudd) and “Detective Jo Martinez” (Alana de la Garza), solve murder cases with the good doctor often looking at things with rare perspective, which is both endearing to viewers and at times annoying for other members of law enforcement. “Abe” (Judd Hirsch), “Lucas” (Joel David Moore), “Lt. Joanna Reece” (Lorraine Toussaint) and “Detective Hanson” (Donnie Keshawarz), make up the immediate supporting fri2cast and do a good job of tying everything together. Now, while I do tend to like darker shows, I have soft spots for the ones like these where the air around them is just lighter. So, for those who like supernatural shows with modern twists and loads of back story flashbacks to feed off of, this one is definitely for you :).

Besides hearing Henry say “This was murder!” I’ve been . . .


fri31) Writing some more. I wasn’t able to do much in the days during and after the move, as there was just so much to do, but I’ve been slowly getting back on track. It’s amazing how a change in atmosphere can make words flow more freely. In my new apartment I feel less stifled and as such the creative juices are flowing, thankfully ^_^.

2) Hounding my ISP (Internet Service Provider) so I can get my lines set up as I need. Good thing about it though was that I learnt something new: That I could tether my phone so it becomes a wireless hotspot. Not sure what my bill’s going to look like after doing so however, so I’m using this new information sparingly.

fri23) Jackie’s Celebratory Year began on April 8, 2015 and will end on April 8, 2016. I wanted to do something different to celebrate the big 3-0 (there I said it) and though I’m not usually fussy about birthdays, I’m looking forward to some of what’s planned. More about this in May 2015, when hopefully all tech issues should be sorted :).


That’s all from me today lovely readers, thanks for joining me and what’s your week been like? Talk to me in the comments below :)!


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