Monday Insights: The Prideful Blogger

mon1Talk about getting hit in the face with self-insight!

That’s what happened to me very recently, when the universe decided to open up and show me another of my faults. I was waiting on something important to come through and as I did, had avoided asking certain people for help. As it came closer to crunch time and I could hear the ‘dread bells’ tolling in the distance, I had to come full circle and do things I hadn’t wanted to do. I’d told myself it wasn’t pride that kept me from asking these individuals for their help, oh no, it was how they’d treated me in the past, it was the way they wore their hair – in summary it was everything but that.

mon2I soon realised that I was actually being rather prideful. I was willing to let a good thing go up in smoke just because I didn’t want to cross bridges. I was telling myself everything I wanted to hear, just to avoid having to turn my face back to places I’d rather avoid, even for a moment.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m fully aware that there are some bridges we should burn and have Superman launch the remnants into space, but in this particular case, it was silly pride that kept me at bay.

pride1Pride comes before a fall the saying goes and I think this time I managed to escape the rubble at the bottom, as I finally decided to grab hold of rebar. We have to try and remember these experiences that make our true, inner feelings clear as day. And, when we hit the negative nerves, quickly turn the reset button so we can continue to become better versions of ourselves.


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