Random Wednesdays: Joke’s On You

fantasy2Hello lovely readers and thanks for joining me for the midweek edition.

With April Fools’ Day well underway, today I wanted to share a quick excerpt from a story that I haven’t been working on, but would love to in the future. We enter as Viv is about to her grand escape, or is she? Enjoy :):


Joke’s On You (flash excerpt)

fantasy1~ Shards of glass lay haphazardly around Viv’s feet. She looked up slowly, the gentle breeze across her bare arms and sun kissing her skin making her unsure of her own reality. Her brown eyes fell on the statue she’d used to destroy the glass door. The miniature gargoyle had taunted her for months in this prison, staring vacantly whenever she tried to close her eyes and sleep. As it lay motionless, a small smile perked at her lips, yes, it had been the right choice for her escape.

Viv was about to move forward, but stopped, listening hard. She could hardly believe her luck had changed so drastically and was almost certain that at any moment one of the guards would come crashing fantasy1through the doors, ready to take her kicking and screaming back to her cage. No one’s coming, she chided herself and smiled again. Art’s help had been invaluable and anyone who could have brought her freedom to an end, was caught up dealing with his sly diversion. She wondered briefly if they’d ever return all the rudiums — mindless meat-bags that did little but wonder aimlessly, back to their rightful places.

Viv took the first step to the well-kept lawn. She could almost taste the sweet scent of the crisp air. Could hear birds as clearly as if they were beside her when . . .

fantasy2“That’s enough, we’ve got all we need,” a high-pitched voice announced and Viv was plucked from her daydream. Her mind took seconds to catch up but when it did, she was still locked in her cage and the doctors were removing their equipment. The woman who’d spoken before, gave her a disapproving glance, “You forget Viv,” she said, “We’re always one step ahead,” to another she ordered, “Get Art, seems he’s been busier than we anticipated.” ~


I really love dabbling in psych thriller, add a bit of fantasy and/or sci-fi and I’m sold ^_^.

Reading any good psych thrillers? Share with me in the comments below ^_^.

Have a great evening all and I’ll see you Friday ^_^!





AWAKENING COVERPlease note: After this long break both parts of Chapter 16: Glamorous Lies, will be posted on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’ on April 11, 2015. The remaining 4 chapters: Chapters 17-20 will be released on April 15 – 18, 2015!

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