Friday Highlights 131!

fantasy1The Fall is a series I picked up this week and literally had to stop watching in between to avoid my mind going into full-on paranoia mode. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this psychological thriller/drama which stars Gillian Anderson “Stella Gibson” and Jamie Dornan “Paul Spector”, but jeez Louise, talk about creepy in some respects! Usually Dornan simply oozes sex appeal and while it’s there in this one, often his American Psycho type personality gave light to an even darker element. In summary, the part is played so well, that you’d straight up think this was the actor’s real life personality. As for Anderson — from the days of “Scully” (The X-Files) and now, her role has a refined, chic and savvy ring to it and I love that she’s gone full Brit accent and everything for it. The series, which is set in Ireland, currently fantasy2has two seasons out and though there have been talks of a season 3, I’m not quite sure if they’re going ahead with it. Additionally, like many non-US shows, I like that the series doesn’t try to fight too hard just for the sake of more episodes, seasons, etc — when the story is told, it’s told and that’s that. So, if you’re into mind-twisters that just might make you root for the bad guy in the end, check this one out :).

Other than locking my doors at night I’ve been . . .



fantasy21) Still in the midst of moving crazy. As I write this I’m surrounded by boxes, clothes, random household everything and just general mess. It will be nice to be settled in my new place and rubble-free again :).

2) Working on a few behind-the-scenes things that I’ll write more about later on. However, note that there is much to be revealed very soon ^_^.

fantasy23) Making annoying but necessary decisions, let me explain: When I realised how much needed to be done this year both for my career as a writer, but also as a mass media management consultant, it hit me that I needed to dial back on a couple things I wanted to launch in 2015. One of these is a company I’m really excited about and another is the Queen of the Black Gate dark fantasy novel. It was slated to be released later in 2015, however, I won’t be able to devote the time in order to meet the necessary deadlines. What this means is that there will be one less self-published release this year. It was a bit ‘ugh’ at first, as I’ve been advertising this book since last year, however, promotions for the novel will not stop and in the end it’s for the best so, worry, annoyance and all other ‘meh’ — crushed :).



That’s all from me today, thanks for joining me lovely readers and what’s your week been like? Talk to me in the comments below :)!


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