Friday Highlights 130!

fantasy1Chosen. Let the title of this series hang in the air for a bit. Okay, so I started it this week on a whim and I have to say I’m glad I did. I don’t completely love the ‘grainy’ way it’s shot, but I really like the premise. Without giving too much detail — imagine a world (or an LA I suppose), where there’s an insidious game being played with real people as the pawns. A classic kill or be killed arc, it’s one of those shows that makes you ask yourself the question: What would I do? It’s a quick watch too as each season has 6 episodes that are just over 20 minutes long. What I also enjoy while watching, is that each episode ends at a crucial point and the next immediately launches into whatever crazy was about to happen. I’m mid season 2 and was happy to see Chad Michael Murray “Jacob Orr” join the fun (though I’m not sure how long he’ll last). He’s on-board with ‘main protagonist family’ Milo Ventimiglia “Ian Mitchell”, Nicky Whelan “Laura Mitchell” and Caitlin Carmichael “Ellie Mitchell”. So if you’re into action-packed shows with stories that leave you wanting more, this one could be for you :).

Other than not wanting a box to appear on my doorstep (series reference), I’ve been . . .



fantasy21) Preparing to move to a new place while juggling work and everything else. As you can probably imagine the last week has been wearing its crazy-pants, but hey, it’s to be expected, so trying not to complain so much.

2) Coming to grips more and more with the person I am. Learning that I don’t need to constantly apologise or have disclaimers attached to everything I say, which I generally do to avoid conflict. Trying to be better at these things overall.

fantasy3) Finally scheduling a new workout regime. Figured that since I’m moving in April I’ll just start again when I’m settled. Will be focusing on yoga and pilates to begin with as my core has seen better days lol.



That’s all from me today, thanks for joining me lovely readers and what’s your week been like? Talk to me in the comments below :)!


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