Monday Insights: The Blame Game

fantasy1Recently a friend spoke to me about how I was making them feel. Most of it was negative.

In the moment I tried to understand what they were saying and sat and took most of it as it went on. It was only after some days that I reassessed the conversation and realised that I’d been effectively blamed for almost everything wrong in a bad situation that I hadn’t even known existed.

Sometimes it’s easier to take the blame, to pick your battles so to speak. For me, it’s usually because I don’t want to come across as defensive if someone’s fantasy1telling me something not so great about myself. Thankfully, I’m usually pretty good with sitting myself down and thinking critiques through to see if there’s merit. In this situation, while I could see some of why they would have felt this way, most of it could have been avoided with a simple conversation. Even more could have been avoided if they were just as honest with themselves and didn’t focus the majority of ‘who did wrong here’ on me — we were both in the wrong.

fantasy1Unfortunately, even writing this post will probably come across as one of the things I was alerted to — being passive aggressive. Though right now that’s far from the case and is something I’ll write about in a future Monday Insights’ post, for now I say this to move onto my next point . . .

The truth is, sometimes people simply don’t understand who you are or, you grow apart and the results are misinterpreted. There’s nothing wrong with either of these things, especially if we don’t fight against them.

fantasy1I believe that friendships and any other relationships can be made stronger by dealing with issues. However, look into yourself hard and make sure that what’s being said truly applies to you. Don’t take on blame that isn’t yours to take, but where it does land on your doorstep, deal with it honestly and quickly.


How do you handle growing apart from someone you care about? Talk to me in the comments below :).


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2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: The Blame Game

  1. Been there, done that, and it can be a rotten experience. My best advice is to do a quick gut check and move on…ultimately you just have to say screw it and be yourself. 🙂

    1. I’m trying each day to do exactly that — just be myself. Makes life and relating to people easier.

      Thanks for commenting Lawrence, have a great week ^_^.

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