Friday Highlights 129!

fantasy1Haven’t had much time for TV this week, but I did get to catch up with BBC’s The Musketeers. It’s a bit campy sure, but I really enjoy this take on the three musketeers —  the focus is on four in this show. Now in its second season Luke Pasqualino (D’Artagnan), Tom Burke (Athos), Howard Charles (Porthos), Santiago Cabrera (Aramis) and the rest of the supporting cast are pretty fun to watch, as they try to get out of a multitude of hazardous scrapes each week. It doesn’t help that there’s always some dignitary plotting to kill members of the monarchy and of course that the musketeers seldom get the respect and applause they deserve. With secrets constantly being protected, love connections that could literally get people killed and a fun take on brothers-in-arms, this show could definitely be for you :).

Other than keeping far away from French court I’ve been ^_^ . . .



fantasy11) I had to make coming up for air an option this week, as if I didn’t I would have been going non-stop more or less. I know I complain sometimes about work load, but truly I prefer to be busy than otherwise :).

2) Writing and editing were also on my docket and I’m actually eating while writing this now so I can get back to it. I am two days away from an important writing deadline and I’m not so sure I’m going to make it but . . . fingers crossed for me people ^_^.

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