Friday Highlights 128!

fantasy1Please note: I will return to our ‘regularly scheduled programming’ which includes quick reviews of TV series I’m watching and, literary, life and other personal updates next Friday :).


Overall Literary Updates

fantasy11) March 2015 is a slow social media month for me. I’ve shared this on my other social media sites already and felt it was necessary to do so here as well. Blog posts will continue as usual (Monday, Wednesday & Friday), but I will not be as active as I normally am across other social sites. I’m scurrying to meet an important mid-March writing deadline and facilitating further development and organisation of the mass media management company I recently started with a business partner. Additionally, as my personal life goes through a series of upheavals, one of which is a major move in a few weeks, I thought it best to take a little time to make sure all is in order, before throwing my self back into the virtual fray in April 2015.

fantasy12) The #JackieJones #RTHour will return in summer 2015 on ‘@jackiejoneslive’ on Sundays and Thursdays from June through August. This original Twitter event is one I started in 2013 and it ran through 2014.The decision to have it run for just 3 months this year, is to properly facilitate other promotional activities that will run throughout 2015. The #JackieJones #RTHour promotes tweets from creatives across the Twitterverse and has a substantial reach when active.

3) The remaining chapters of AWAKENING (When Worlds End Trilogy, Book 1), will fantasy1be posted on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad’ in April 2015. There are currently 15 chapters available of this unusual sci-fi/fantasy and both parts of Chapter 16: Glamorous Lies, will be posted on April 11, 2015. Chapter 17 – 20 will be posted on April 15 – 18, 2015. The dates of these chapter releases have been continuously pushed back for a few months, as I wanted to make sure I could give their release proper attention.

Books to be released later this year unless otherwise stated:

Name: The Wardens Series Season 2 (Five episodes in each season)
Genre: Supernatural Thriller/Fantasy
Others in series: ‘The Wardens Series Season 1 (US Amazon)’



Name: Ayestra Calling (Return of the Guardian Trilogy, Book 2)
Genre: YA Action & Adventure/Fantasy
Others in trilogy: ‘SECRETS (Book 1 FREE on Obooko)’


Name: Queen of the Black Gate
Genre: Dark Fantasy


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PBOOK003Please note: April 11, 2015 both parts of Chapter 16: Glamorous Lies, will be posted on ‘Jackie Jones on Wattpad.’ The Awakening Character Guide will be available on April 8, 2015. Get acquainted with the story using the link above, as with only FIVE chapters left, you’ll want to catch up ^_^. Over 6.5k reads so far :)! This unusual sci-fi/fantasy is not for everyone, are you one of the chosen?

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