Friday Highlights 127

fantasy1Utopia. That’s been my TV-watching for most of this week and I have to say that this British thriller/drama/surrealist/makes-you-think series is right up my alley. Without giving too much away (as you guys know I dislike spoilers), the premise of the show revolves around an eclectic cast all trying to remain calm in a rather volatile situation. The way each life ends up being intertwined with the others is very well done and, though I often figured out where the story was going to go, it didn’t leave me disappointed when I did. I’ve only seen the first season so far and in true Brit form, it’s a short one with only six episodes.

fantasy2Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (Ian), Fiona O’Shaughnessy (Jessica Hyde), Alexandra Roach (Becky), Adeel Ahktar (Wilson Wilson) and Paul Higgins (Michael Dugdale) are just a few that make up this great cast that commit to their roles and make the watcher unsure of who they should be rooting for. So, if you’re a fan of shows chock full of assassins, dangerous secrets and politicians that are far above any kind of law, all set in a quasi-surrealist world, this series is definitely for you :).

Besides never wanting anyone to ask me the question: “Where is Jessica Hyde” I’ve been . . .


fantasy21) Kept away from social media for most of the week as I try to get a project finished. I’m behind a little, not on the deadline, but on the one imposed for myself. I probably should have told followers that I wouldn’t be as active this week, but before I knew it Wednesday rolled around and I decided to let it hang until next week. Here’s hoping I can finish up most of the remaining work this weekend and plug back into the virtual world properly again :).

2) Had a very important meeting today and I’m so happy about it. It’s in relation to — that which I cannot yet speak of, however, as I always tell you lovely readers, as soon as I can I’ll share. What I will say, is that it’s great for positive progress ^_^.

fantasy23) Worked out a ‘writerly’ plan for the next two-years. I feel like I really need to finish up those works that I want to put out and be able to properly start new writing projects. I don’t want to continuously start new ones and leave the others out in the cold basically, so hopefully I can stick to this.


That’s all for today lovely readers, what were the highlights of your week? Share in the comments below :)!


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