Random Wednesdays: Limitless

fantasy1Hello lovely readers and thanks for joining me for the midweek edition :)!

After a few weeks of excerpts, free chapters and more, I wanted to turn today’s ‘writerly spotlight’ on something that I’ve been thinking about more recently.

fantasy1I seldom set limits for my writing. Sure I love fantasy, sci-fi and other speculative fiction genres, however, I leave myself open to write what I feel as the mood hits. It’s because of this that I have random unfinished work catching virtual dust on my computer, passages that are opportunities in their own right, if I ever choose to use or finish them. But, why am I telling you any of this in the first place?

fantasy1Writing, mass media management consultancy and other areas of my professional life, are aspects of it that I truly enjoy. It is here that I tell myself to reach as high as I can, that I push hard and forget about naysayers or moments of complete and utter despair. I put the negative aside and decide to believe that there are indeed no limits to what I can achieve.

Many of us have goals, they may be foggy, not yet defined and fantasy1tangible, but they are there. We give up, thinking it will be too difficult, we listen to problems others foresee for us and leave dreams by the wayside. We can’t do this. For me, my dreams revolve around family and friends, business and more and even in the tough times, I know that I must persevere. It can be tough, but whatever it is for you, know that your reach, your ability to soar, is limitless :).


Do you find it difficult to believe in limitless possibilities? Talk to me in the comments below :)!

Have a great evening all and I’ll see you Friday ^_^!





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