Monday Insights: Being You?

fantasy1Within us there are many versions of our personalities.

Recently I was told to: bring your personality out, that’s what people want to see.” This was meant to be constructive criticism about a recent business meeting I’d been a part of and honestly I had to smile to myself when I was told this.

A friend of mine who was very dear to me passed late last year. He was the only person I’ve known thus far in my life, who genuinely did not care what others thought and was just the person he wanted to be always. I’d been fantasy1trying to bring more and more of that into my own life as I fully realise in the end we have to live our lives the way we want to – people will like us or not either way.

Now, back to the beginning. When I was pulled aside and let in on this character assessment, I thought it was amusing because in those moments I was being myself. I was being the Jackie who goes into a meeting all business-like and ready to go. I wasn’t the Jackie who’s silly with friends, or the Jackie who writes fantasy and sci-fi fiction. If I’d been those versions of myself it probably would have gone far differently than it did and possibly not on the positive scale. Especially as those ‘Jackies’ are far more blunt and vocal ^_^.

mon1Everyone is entitled to their opinions, however, don’t let the opinions of others shake your belief in who you are. We are who we are and if that means that one body houses a multitude of variants of our base personality, then that’s okay. As long as we’re always being true to ourselves, the rest is just living :).


Do you find it hard to be yourself? Talk to me in the comments below :).




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2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Being You?

  1. How profound! My fav line: “As long as we’re always being true to ourselves, the rest is just living” – because we all know this, yet we try hard to comply with how others believe we should behave. Great job and thanks for the reminder that the truth will indeed set us free 😀

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