Monday Insights: Door’s Open

fantasy1Embarking on a new journey can be terrifying.

I’m not talking about things like taking your first flight, but about those moments in life where our paths take new turns and we embrace new discoveries.

Some would say jump right in, take the plunge without another thought – I was once one of those ‘some’. Now though, I’ve come to realise that hesitation can be good for us at times.

I love how our world is filled with new opportunities, however, some aren’t right for us. When I decided to leave my job as a journalist to become a full time entrepreneur, I was scared and anxious. The truth is, I’m not sure if I hadn’t fallen ill around the same time, if I would have left when I did. In the end though, this proved to be the right decision.

fantasy2Lovely readers, we have to put fear aside, go out there and discover all life has to offer. While we’re at it, and as doors we might not have even dreamt would open do, take a moment and consider each new path. Will it be one that commits to our positive progress in time? Or is it simply a ‘pretty thing’ that might actually end up taking us away from what we want? The doors are open and waiting for us to enter, might as well jump through the right ones :).


How do you make decisions about new life choices? Talk to me in the comments below :).




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