Friday Highlights 124

fantasy1Backstrom is pretty fun. Okay, maybe I’m being a little biased as not only is Rainn Wilson the star, but it’s based on “a popular Scandinavian book series by renowned criminologist and novelist Leif G.W. Persson. In my opinion, some of the best crime shows in the last few years have been adaptations of Scandanavian TV shows or books, for example The Killing. While Backstrom doesn’t have the same gritty edge as that selection and watching Wilson’s character unravel onscreen can be a bit tiresome at times, he brings natural wit to the role. Maybe I’m corny, who knows, but when he was told he couldn’t smoke in front of a recently burnt house and Backstrom replied “Tell that to the house,” (which was still smoking at the time) I ‘loled’ just a little. Wilson and his supporting are for the most part nailing it and I fantasylook forward to seeing more from this new series. Those who like me hadn’t seen anything else from Wilson outside of his role as “Dwight” on the concluded comedy The Office, will  be pleased by both the similarities and differences of these roles. Even if you’ve never seen him in anything, for a witty, yet ‘dark-ish’ portrayal of the life of an almost washed-up detective, check it out :).

Besides wondering how Backstrom is still alive, I’ve been. . .


fantasy11) Dealing with the many little details that have to be worked and ironed out for day-to-day and future operations. No one said the life of an entrepreneur was easy . . . pretty sure there’s a reason for that haha. However, I wouldn’t trade it, and seeing results is always the best reward :).

2) Re-reading stories and getting back into the swing of words. I’ve been so focused on other aspects of business that I haven’t been writing as much. I’ve also been listening to accounts of fantasy1WoW (World of Warcraft) lore. For those who don’t know, I play when I have the time and have on and off over the years for the last 5 or so. I appreciate the game not just because it relaxes me, but there are so many elements to it and of course some of the lore’s amazing. Point of this account? Well, basically sometimes I’ll listen to the stories I really love like Sylvanas Windrunner’s (the Banshee Queen), cause it really gets my creative juices flowing and I can’t wait to put fingers to keys ^_^.

fantasy13) Remember how I said I was going to start working out again this week? Well I did and guess what, it hurt. To be expected I know but jeez, our bodies sure do know how to make us feel guilty about staying off the treadmill ^_^.



That’s all for today lovely readers, what are the highlights of your week? Share in the comments below :)!


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