Monday Insights: Inspired?

fantasy32I get these daily messages via email, which most days I feel are specifically meant for me.

While that’s probably just because I can relate to many of these little inspirational blasts, the ones that really hit home I try to take with me not just during that particular day, but beyond.

The wall above my computer is a mess of inspirational quotes I love, my vision board and other little things that not only make me want to push and work fantasy1harder, but remind me of the goodness and blessings I receive, no matter how bad things might sometimes get.

The universe is continuously creating and opening the path to those things we want and when we divert, letting negativity seep in and keep us down, it’s not quite sure what to do with all the ‘awesome-sauce’ it has lined up for us.

fantasy1I constantly have to remind myself of these things and know that one day it will simply be like second nature. The road isn’t always easy, but those things that inspire me, make it simpler even in the toughest times.

We have to hold onto those things that inspire us and drive us forward. They allow us to strive for our dreams even when we might not feel like it and keep us going when times get rough :).


What inspires you? Talk to me in the comments below :).




mon4Welcome all new followers of my blog, I wish you and all my faithful supporters a wonderful week and, for more tidbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights :).

5 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Inspired?

  1. Have to say thanks for this. It might be dark nut I am inspired by the bad times and the hard times, knowing that I made it through those makes now not so bad. Here struggling with the dissertation. Been stuck on the first major chunk for months. The gunya hit me hard in Sept and Oct and havent really recovered. going to have to admit this poor progress to the supervisor that will hurt me (as you know I am something of a perfectionist). But this has inspired me to keep at it. SOcial media does have some purpose it seems. Been chatting with two friends who are adamant I wont give up. I dont think they fully understand that I dont plan to but just hope that time doesnt run out on me. Hope the writing is going well and how is your sister doing?

    1. Hi Carla! So funny to meet you here ^_^. I’m really glad this post could help you in some way. I know that you’ll be able to push through and do whatever you need to in order to succeed — you’re a fighter, that much has always been evident :).

      My sister is well, I hope your family are doing well too.

      So happy to hear from you and I wish you more than the best with everything you put your hands to :).

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