Friday Highlights 123

banshee1Banshee is back. Okay, maybe you didn’t read that sentence right, so let me repeat — Banshee is back! So I might be few weeks behind with this knowledge, but now that I’m in the know I had to share with fans who might be clueless like I was and those who are in the corner asking, “what the heck is a Banshee?” Supernatural lore aside, in this case Banshee refers to this great action/thriller/drama series that I got hooked on about a year ago. The exploits of “Sheriff Lucas Hood” (Antony Starr), “Job” (Hoon Lee), “Kai Proctor” (Ulrich Thomsen) and Carrie Hopewell (Ivana Milicevic) to name just a few, literally leave you on the edge of your seat. There’s always so much going on in this small town that to miss an episode is to miss a huge chunk of plot and, as the ‘civil war’ unfolds before the viewer’s eyes, you can bet on taking sides. I’ve said from the beginning of watching this show that you don’t go to Banshee unless you want to end up beat up or dead and in this third fantasy1season, it seems like this continues to remain the case. Additionally, I absolutely love the way the show is shot and there are few others I’ve seen translated onto screen in this way (from a directing/filming perspective). Yes, you can tell I’m pretty much in love with this show. So, if you like high-action series with stories that have bite, Banshee is definitely one for you :).

Besides wondering how many martial arts disciplines I’d need to know before visiting Banshee, I’ve been . . .


fantasy11) Working together with my partner (in this venture) Ashlee Cox on building up our client list for the services we offer. As Mass Media Consultants our services include: Social Media Management, PR & Media Relations, Ad Creation (graphic, video, radio), Writing and Editing and Website Creation. I’ll make packages and rates available for perusal on this site soon :).

fantasy12) Working behind-the-scenes on a few things that I’ll share more about when I can. What I will say is that one includes The Wardens Series (supernatural thriller/fantasy) and another is a new venture that will be on-stream much later this year.

fantasy13) Prepping myself to begin a new workout regimen. Next Monday I’ll begin my focus on yoga, pilates and other core work. I didn’t want to start working out again in the hardcore way I usually do and decided I’d allow myself to become more limber and build my core muscle strength up before branching out once more.



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