Random Wednesdays: Choices

Hey all, I hope the week’s been treating you very well thus far :).

fantasy2Today I had no clue what I’d write about. Usually on Wednesdays I pull from my books, WIPs or new flash fiction I’m cooking up, but this time I decided to let my indecision about subject choice work for me.

fantasy2As an author, I’m faced with worlds that take over the real one in my mind and fight for predominant spots so I’ll focus on them. They are tenacious, exciting and know exactly which buttons to press to get me going. As for the characters, well, they already know they own my affection and even the new ones not yet conjured on screen or paper, try their best to hassle me into choosing them — choosing their story.

In the last two years of properly deciding to take my writing career seriously, fantasy1I’ve faced many interesting challenges, one of which came each time I had to decide on which story to work on next. I used to be very indecisive and would have moments of something akin to despair, as I was pulled this way and that wanting to write about everything that was floating in my head. I learnt – am still learning – that choices had to be made, I had to eventually settle down and make the tough decisions so that instead of nothing getting finished, eventually everything would.

This doesn’t just apply to writing of course. The choices we make determine our overall quality of life, so let’s try to make the ones most beneficial to positive outcomes :).


How do you decide which goals you want to go for next? Share with me in the comments below ^_^.

Have a great evening all and I’ll see you Friday ^_^!





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