Friday Highlights 122

fantasy1Someone posted on Facebook a few months ago: “If it takes four years to get your revenge you’re doing it wrong.” Though I laughed a little at this, I had to stick up for one of my favourite dramas – Revenge. This new season has had its twists and turns and though at times I’m not entirely on-board with the direction, in the end I love watching the crazy unfold in the Hamptons as “Emily” (Emily VanCamp), Victoria (Madeline Stowe) and others, get even using tactics that most of us would prefer to avoid in our real lives. I’m also completely taken with the character Nolan” (Gabriel Mann), whose cheekiness is just right to add a little comic relief to this series. Now in season 4, this series is perfect if you’re up for a mixture of thriller, romance and of course suspense :).

Other than catching up with Emily’s revenge, I’ve been . . .


fantasy31) Revising rates for my business services which include social media management, PR, writing and editing, as well as ad creation (video, graphics, radio). The team I work with in this venture are a talented and driven bunch and make it easier to deal with the new wave of clients we’ve been acquring. I’ll post some of our popular packages on this blog soon, for any interested persons to peruse :).

fantasy32) Getting some more groundwork out of the way for this year’s line-up of ‘writerly’ activities. It’s a long process, but by the end of January 2015, everything that needs to be should be in check.


That’s all for today’s post, which is late as my provider’s island-wide internet connection loss, caused the delay.

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