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fantasy1A couple years ago I decided I wanted to write my version of fairy tales I’d known and loved growing up. Not the most original thought I know, but I got really excited thinking of the possibilities and where the revamped story arcs could go. I’d abandoned the thought of pursuing them, wanting to focus instead on other stories, but not before I’d started a version of Red Riding Hood that I’d titled Red’s Stalking. As we enter the scene, Nadia’s visiting her grandmother in a nursing home and listens as the old lady shares disturbing news. Enjoy ^_^!


Red’s Stalking (flash fiction)

fantasy2~ “…I’m still having the dreams,” was all her grandmother said and Nadia tried to calm the nerves in her stomach.

“With the wolf?” she asked carefully,

“Yes, but they’re different now. When I start screaming for it to get away from you, it doesn’t run off like before, it hovers, watching me as though it’s laughing at me.” Her grandmother shivered involuntarily and Nadia squeezed her hand tight. This worried her greatly as it meant the older woman was still sleep-walking. She always did when she had the wolf dreams,  a thing that had never been the case before she was housed at the institution. Nadia pushed her annoyance at this thought aside, smiling reassuringly.

fantasy2“Don’t worry granny, the wolf can’t hurt you here, I can promise you that. After all, we’re smack dab in the middle of the city, not much hunting going on around here,” she said and laughed, wanting to cheer up her grandmother. This time though, it didn’t work. Her grandmother grabbed her arm, digging her fingernails in so they bruised Nadia’s skin.

“You’re wrong, he is watching you,” she replied and Nadia chuckled nervously, not understanding what was happening,

“It’s okay granny, no one’s . . .” she began but her grandmother interrupted,

“He’s hunting you, he’ll get you and then you’ll be gone forever.” She grabbed tighter, and Nadia tried to pull her arm away without hurting her grandmother, but the woman’s grip was relentless. She kept repeating her last words, becoming increasingly agitated until she was almost delirious. Her expression was wrought with terror and she thrashed about in the bed never once releasing Nadia’s arm.

Red Riding HoodHelp! We need help in here!” Nadia shouted frightened and was relieved to see two orderlies arrive quickly afterwards. They held her grandmother down, injecting her with a sedative to calm her and Nadia finally breathed out, not realising she’d been holding her breath. She touched her arm gingerly where she’d been hurt and watched as her beloved grandmother drifted, one phrase still on her lips,

“He’s hunting you . . .” ~


As you can probably tell from this excerpt, this version of Red’s story has a more real-world feel and was in the genre of psychological thriller, one that I like to dabble in every now and then :).

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