Monday Insights: Fries With That?

fantasy2We don’t always get everything we want.

Okay let me back up. Yes, I’m a huge believer in the law of attraction and that the universe opens up paths for us that aren’t always the way we want them, but lead us to our goals in the end, if we keep focused. However, some of the things we fight for tirelessly, especially when it comes to personal relationships, just aren’t a part of those paths. Hence my first statement about not getting what we want.

In the past I’ve been guilty of fighting for relationships that needed to be put down. I’ve done the pleading, the tears, the weird moments of bargaining and bartering. Yes, short of being a complete crazy-pants with this stuff, I admit to having had my moments. However, I started to realise that it was time wasted. It was emotional energy wasted that could be put elsewhere. This energy could be used for other passions, to embrace other people, to truly try and live my life without being hung up on someone or thing that simply didn’t deserve it.

fantasy1It’s not always easy to let go and realise that everything we want isn’t always what’s good or best for us. The important thing though, is to be able to take steps back and note when it’s time to move on and really reach for what is for us. In that way, I suppose we do get everything we want ^_^.


Do you find yourself fighting for the wrong things? Talk to me in the comments below :).




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