Monday Insights: Patience, The Cursed Virtue

fantasy1Well aren’t I being dramatic with that title?

The thing is though, poor patience kind of is cursed. We stress ourselves out, freak out, behave badly and all things in between when we have to wait for things. Especially if those things are life-changers. Those moments we wait for with baited breath to enhance our happiness, or push us further toward the light at the end of the tunnel to our goals. Patience literally can’t catch a break from our dislike.

I recently shared in a joyous moment with one of my oldest friends. He walked down the aisle, married the woman he loves and I watched, fantasy1tears threatening to form as I remembered him as a teen. I fondly went through the highlight reel of our friendship, thinking of past girlfriends, the conversations we’ve had about love and the future. I remembered when he decided he was done trying to pursue a new relationship and in summary, when it happened, it just would. I watched him focus on other things, prosper in business and all aspects of his life, until one day we had the conversation where he was telling me about this new woman. She was this beautiful woman that had no reason ending up being his wife, but events played out so it seemed that this couldn’t have been avoided if they’d tried.

fantasy1I shared that to say this: Patience is truly a virtue we should all strive to treat a lot better. My dear friend decided he would be patient, he would wait until the woman he truly wanted and felt right to him came along, instead of continuously forcing things to work out when they obviously didn’t want to. This doesn’t just apply to relationships of course. I have to constantly remind myself to be patient with regard to progress. With my books, business, doesn’t matter, I’m always trying to ensure I don’t ‘force the wrong hand’ because of how badly I want the results.

We’ve got to try not to force open the wrong doors. Take patience out to lunch and treat it well. We can do this lovely readers, just wait and see :).


How difficult is it waiting for the things you want? Talk to me in the comments below :).




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