Friday Highlights 117

fantasy1Haven’t watched many series this week, but have squeezed in a couple movies. The Equalizer, a thriller with Denzel Washington, wasn’t bad, though I admit to being so tired I fell asleep the first time I tried watching. Washington in my opinion, still has one of the most awesomely creepy set of expressions that make him great for ‘Taken-type’ roles. The Sun That Dreaded Sundown was another I saw and all I have to say on that one is yes, apparently fast-walking is still speedier than running. I say this because even though (as usual) the victims were literally running at top speed, somehow, speed-walking by their attackers always trumped this. So, if you’re ever in a horror movie, you know what to do lol.

Other than a bit of movie-watching, this week I’ve been . . .


fri11) Dealing with drama that could have been avoided with a few easy steps. So, decided to remove myself completely from the situation instead of getting dragged any further into it. I dislike drama and all its relations, and though it is sometimes a part of life, nowadays I try to distance myself as soon as possible when I see it flare its ugly head. Additionally, after the health-scare I had late 2013 into the early months of this year, I try to avoid too much negative stress as it works against me physically as well.

2) Stalling a bit (admittedly) on getting all I needed finished done before I take my ‘semi-break’ from next week. This resulted in me having to do quite a bit in the last days and today, which also meant I wasn’t as active as usual on social media. However, I seem to be getting myself in good order so I’m thankful for that.

fri13) Still waiting to hear about the progress of some business-related things and in so doing, have been learning some more about my own business in the process. So, though patience is a virtue in this case (and I’m trying to remember that), it’s still working out for the best, as I now have a better handle on what I can expect.


That’s all from me today my lovelies, which movies have you seen recently? Tell me about them in the comments below :)!


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