Monday Insights: Short & Sweet

fantasy1Ever felt like you’re explaining something to death?

I’m often guilty of this, as I’m liable to over-think (working on it), which causes me to throw in disclaimers, plus long-winded explanations just to make sure I’m not misunderstood. This is especially true when dealing with family or friends, who I never want to think I’m intentionally trying to hurt them with my words.

Recently though, I’ve started to break free of that part of my personality. I feel like by now, those that love and care about me, should know me well enough to be aware that I wouldn’t want to cause them pain in any way. I’ve become tired of being that person who goes on and on just to ensure everyone’s okay at the end of a conversation, especially when often I don’t feel like this is reciprocated. Why? Cause no doubt they expect that I too, know they mean me no emotional harm.

fantasy1We need to stand by our words more resolutely and not feel the need to indulge every possible hurt feeling with expansive rhetoric. Say what we have to say, when we need to say it and trust that even if it takes those we love aback for a moment, it’ll be okay in the end. Let’s stop tiptoeing lovely readers and keep it, short and sweet ^_^.


Do you find it tough to just say what you’re feeling? Talk to me in the comments below :).




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