Friday Highlights 116

fri1Recently I caught up on The Walking Dead and walkers (zombies) still ‘living’ despite snow, heat and rain aside, I have to say I love how the writers of that show like to tug at the old heartstrings. I’ve watched from the beginning and though I’m not a fan of reanimated zombies – as opposed to outbreak, virus, etc, based – I have always enjoyed the characters good and bad. I like that the show is more character-driven than undead-driven and that though “Rick Grimes” (Andrew Lincoln) is the main protagonist, everyone else has just as important a role to play. In season 5, true to form, the series had its ‘slow episodes’, you know, the ones where nothing much happens. In these there’s tons of character development, back-stories and so on. Then like a quick switch, an episode comes that throws viewers for a loop and this time, though I had a pretty good idea what was coming, I was one of those open-mouthed, tears (yes tears) gathering in the corners of my eyes, as I got all sappy in the moment. I won’t give spoilers for those who either aren’t caught up or don’t watch, but I will say that if you’re into horror/drama series that focus heavily on plot and characters as opposed to blood and gore, this is definitely for you ^_^.

Other than wondering if I’d survive a walker attack, I’ve been . . .


fantasy11) Working hard with some stalling in between, as I continue to push towards being able to take a two-week break in just a short while. So my week’s been writing, editing and social media management, both for myself and clients.

fantasy12) Had a bit of an epiphany earlier today which I will share in next week’s Monday Insights post. It mainly has to do with focus and the fact that though I was focusing on good things, I’ve still been splitting my focus a bit too much. Working on rectifying that.

fantasy13) Wonderful things are happening behind the scenes regarding my career as an author. I want to burst out and tell you all immediately cause, you know — human, but I can’t quite yet. As usual though, when I can share, you lovely readers will be among the first to know ^_^.


That’s all from me today guys, what are some of your favourite shows? Tell me about them in the comments below :)!


Remember you can message me if you’re interested in this blog facilitating a book tour stop, reviews, interviews, etc. Have a great weekend, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others, and thanks so much for stopping by ^_^.





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