Monday Insights: Strength, Beyond Muscle

fantasy1Strength is something that comes from within all of us.

I was talking about this in passing with a friend recently, after she’d pointed out that it was okay to take a break from being strong every once in a while. I’d replied that I didn’t think it was a case of pausing from being strong, but that sometimes you just felt safe enough to let go.

Letting go and giving into hurt, sadness and pain isn’t a sign of weakness. It doesn’t mean that we’ve wavered from the strong individuals we strive to be. All it implies is that we need a moment to regroup, catch ourselves or, simply feel a negative emotion for a little while.

fantasy1Don’t be afraid of giving in to the whims of your emotions sometimes. Don’t let others make you feel like it’s not allowed. We’re all entitled to a little time with the curtains drawn, stretched out on the floor, with tears and snot pouring. The trick is to make sure we find our way back to stand again, to show the face of strength and to keep carrying on :).


Do you find it difficult to let go of emotional control? Talk to me in the comments below :).




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4 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Strength, Beyond Muscle

  1. I agree but people do make you feel that you must be strong 100% 24/7 when that’s just not true. It would be great to just hide out once in a while with no telephone, no people, no nothing … just once (or twice). Thanks for sharing this and keep writing these inspiring words 🙂

    1. Yes, completely agree. Most of the time when I write these posts I’m talking to myself too, so we’ll both try to remember haha.

      Thanks for commenting Gale and I wish you and yours an amazing week :)!

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