Random Wednesdays: Jackie’s Bookshelf 1

Hello my lovelies, we’ve made it to the midweek relatively unscathed and I’m very happy to be with you all today :)!

While wondering what I’d share for this week’s post, I started thinking about reading I wanted to catch up on, so in that spirit, check out some of my must-reads below, along with books that have literally been catching dust even though my intentions to make sweet love read them are true ^_^. In no particular order:


fantasy11) The Last Vampire Series: Christopher Pike’s wonderful dark fantasy series of vamp-fiction (changed to Thirst recently) came into my life when I was 12. Though at the time I doubt it was considered YA – appears to be now – I knew I was onto something when it was taken off the book shelves in Barbados. That resulted in me ‘illegally’ trying to get my hands on them, voraciously reading all about 5000-year-old vampire Sita and her exploits. Jeez I had a serious crush on this character and she actually inspired the first character I decided to flesh out in my teens :). ‘Find it here.’

fantasy12) The Picture of Dorian Gray: Oscar Wilde took over my senses with this tortured tale of the ‘beautiful’ Dorian Gray. Each time I read it, I find myself enarmoured by the truly glorious nature of the relationships he has with everyone around him, how he can either make them feel intense love or pain. The internal struggles of the characters alone makes this literary classic one to check out. ‘Find it here.’

fantasy13) Too Small for Basketball: A little known YA by Kris Kenway, following protagonist Marlow and his feelings of insecurity and displacement, as well as his little sister Cressida and the dark secret she and their parents harbour. It might seem like any other YA today, but I remember this book really turned my attention to the literary YA genre when I was a teen and I truly couldn’t put it down. I absolutely loved the story that to me was less coming-of-age and more about the characters finding closure and acceptance however they could. ‘Find it here.’

fantasy14) Blood and Gold: The 8th book in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles is one of my absolute faves in this series. Yes I’m aware of my vampire love and I am unashamed, as long as the vampires in question are badass ^_^. Okay, so this book follows Marius de Romanus and though everyone’s hopped up over Lestat, I have to say that I truly loved the real old-school flavour of this horror/dark fantasy book. Watching Marius’ life unfold in Roman times and everything else in between, makes it to me a must when looking for good vampire-based fiction. ‘Find it here.’

fantasy15) The Eye of the World: The first book in The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, is one that I really want to read. However, every time I begin this epic fantasy it doesn’t quite lock me in. Either way, as one of the classics in the genre, I do intend to complete it and the others in the near future, especially as I’m interested to see the transition from the ones Jordan wrote, to those completed posthumously by Brandon Sanderson. ‘Find it here.’

Those are just some of my selections and since I liked doing this so much, I’ll share more once a month ^_^.


What are some books that you’ve really enjoyed, or those you’ve wanted to make time to read but haven’t? Share with me in the comments below :)!

Have a great evening all and I’ll see you Friday ^_^!




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