Monday Insights: Check Yourself Before You…

fantasy1Sometimes I want to stop.

No, not completely, but at times I feel like I just want to throw up my hands, head to bed and stay there until  exhaustion disappears and I feel revitalised again.

Seldom do I end up doing this. Why? Cause like many of you, I tell myself I’ll just do a little more, get this little bit out of the way . . . then I’ll stop. Only, fantasy1that little bit turns into another task, which turns into another and on and on until I’ve sat in the same spot for hours, forgetting to eat, take a bathroom break, let alone sleep.

Now, regular readers of this blog know I’m a huge advocate for pushing as hard as you can and doing as much as you can efficiently. I believe it’s the way we reach those goals that are vivid in our dreams. However, we also need to take time and breathers in between.

fantasy1I admit to being guilty of forgetting to do this more often than I should. Even today is evidence: Woke before the sun and have been working ever since, only just remembering that I need to have breakfast, wait . . . lunch. I know I’m not alone in this and in the end it doesn’t do us, our projects, or anyone else around us any good. We can become withdrawn, cranky or downright sullen just because we’re chipping away at our workload without taking moments to just enjoy our progress and life in general.

fantasy1Let’s try to give ourselves little moments in time where we don’t do anything but breathe. Where we sit back, relax and take joy in what we’ve already accomplished, knowing that when we get back to it, we’ll do so refreshed and happier :).


Do you find it hard to take breaks? Talk to me in the comments below :).




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