Friday Highlights 112

fantasy1I tried a series called Stalker recently and honestly I’m not sure if I’ll continue watching as it’s a little creepy. I think it comes across that way to me because this is stuff that happens every day and it’s often easier to pass off things that we expect in fiction, as opposed to real life. Basically it’s about the Threat Assessment Unit (TAU) in LA and the cases they face daily. It can be anything from someone being stalked, to violence associated with stalking, or even the TAU team realising that who they thought was initially the stalker is actually the victim. What’s cool is that there are at least two other story arcs being developed in the background as this all goes down and it makes you want to know more about the characters, their pasts and, their lives outside of the office. Bonus? Resident creepy man Dylan McDermott stars as “Detective Jack Larsen” and as you can probably imagine, he’s just as deliciously awesome in this role as always. So, if you’re into shows that might make you lock your doors a little more securely at night, this one is definitely for you :).

Other than stalking this show, I’ve been . . .


fantasy11) Figuring out how I grieve, which it seems is by trying to continue on with life and keep on moving. I’m glad I haven’t folded into a complete mess and always try to remember that it’s not what my friend would have wanted for me anyway.

fantasy12) Working hard on client work – writing, editing and social media management. Often I’d rather be doing my own thing, but I’m not going to complain about what currently pays the bills ^_^.

Cemetery Party Cover3) I’ve also been working on The Wardens Season 2 ’(The Wardens Season 1 here)’ which will be released in 2015. I was a conflicted for a bit regarding how I was going to introduce Erin again after all the stuff that happened last season, but I believe I’ve got it figured out now (almost), so writing has been smoother :).

(Note for those new to this blog: The Wardens series is my ongoing, NA supernatural thriller/fantasy, short story series, which chronicles the exploits of wardens Erin and Zach as they travel the globe keeping rogue supernaturals in line. The 5 books of the first season currently have a 4.8 star rating overall, from over 20 reviews).


That’s all from me today guys, but what are your weekend plans? Tell me in the comments below :)!


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