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Skins Cover2Settle in for a little ‘light’ reading as I’ll be sharing one of my award-winning pieces in today’s post. This short story is titled: The Wardens Prequel: Erin’s Origins. A bit of background: It’s the beginning of Erin’s story – ‘The Wardens Series fame’ and gives a bit of insight into her Barbadian background before she left the island. It was specially tailored for the NIFCA (National Independence Festival of Creative Arts) competition and as such, contains Barbadian dialect and some slang-terms we use. Enjoy Chapter 1 of the story here and read the rest at the link provided at the end 🙂:


Chapter 1

fantasy1“Erin you’ve got to stop.” The voice drifted into her head, fusing with her consciousness until Erin opened her eyes. It was a part of her that had spoken, that tried to tell her she shouldn’t punch Dwayne anymore, that the bloodied nose and bruised eye she’d given him were enough. Yet, as she straddled him, her skinny frame smaller than it should be for a twelve-year-old, she felt her fists tighten and she struck him again. Then again, her lips spreading across her teeth into something resembling a snarl, as she remembered how he’d been bullying her for the last weeks. Crack!

“What you doing child? Ya mad or what?” came the furious shout from her guardian Miss Clarke, followed closely by a lash from her belt across Erin’s back. Another blow landed and as if pulled from a delicious dream where bullies got their due, Erin bent her body into a queer S-shape, as though somehow it could stop the pain. The leather came again, hard and fast across her back and exposed legs and soon, her faculties fully returned, Erin hopped off Dwayne, who lay crying in the grass. The other children oblivious to the beating Dwayne had been enduring, were quick to run to see Erin’s punishment take place, laughing gleefully as they watched another endure what they had managed to escape . . . for that day.

Miss Clarke was guardian to a brood of twenty-seven. Boys and girls who had no one to care for them, were unwanted, or simply ran away from their dire conditions. She was fair and treated them well for the most part, but her beatings were legendary, bred from her upbringing in what elders liked to call ‘old-time Barbados’ and today was Erin’s turn to face the feared cow-hide.

fantasy1“Don’t you eva,” Miss Clarke was saying as blows rained down, “Eva, eva, ever, let me . . .” she paused, punctuating her words between blows, “. . . see you,” she paused again, making sure to get Erin across her thin dark-caramel coloured thighs, “On nobody boy chile so again!” Erin, who’d been taking the blows well, occasionally writhing with snake-like agility as she tried her best to make the lashes land in varying spots, spoke up,

“He ain’t nabody boy child,” she said quietly, defiance one of her greatest faults. This set off Miss Clarke again and her tongue exploded with a sea of filth that expressed not only Erin’s utter ingratitude as she saw it, but her inability to respect her elders. Erin listened at first, her hazel eyes focused on her guardian as she argued. They flitted to the ground and she saw Dwayne finally sitting up, which increased the laughter of her peers as they teased him for being bested by a girl. Erin heard it all until soon she could hear nothing. She was in her head again, in the place where nothing could touch her, where she couldn’t feel the hot sun on her skin, or the cool island breezes that tried to dissuade it.

fantasy1“Erin, you have to stop.” The voice again, more urgent this time and when Erin opened her eyes she was gripping Miss Clarke’s belt with all her might. The older woman was shouting at her, telling her to let go, but it was as if it was coming from very far away. The sounds echoed in her head, but it was as if she could not pull herself outside of her body, something that had been happening more often of late when she became angry or sad. It was a thing that she could not control, no matter how she’d tried. She willed herself to let go of the belt, knowing that her disobedience would only serve to anger Miss Clarke further.

“Girl you betta let go of this damn belt now. You got to be mad, got to be!” Miss Clarke’s dark skin, slick with sweat from the mid-morning sun, seemed to darken all the more as the seconds passed. “Let go I say!” Erin did.

What happened next some would refute in the years that followed. For Erin, it was as if whatever had been holding her back, making her disobey Miss Clarke with all her might, had finally given into the request and did as commanded. However, as Miss Clarke’s body was pelted like a rag doll across the small patch of grass where the children played, only to be slammed and pressed against the brick building where they lived, the girl instinctively knew there was more. A warm feeling rose within her as she watched a terrified Miss Clarke try to push herself away from the wall. Erin could feel herself holding the woman in place and the sense of power it gave her, more than she’d ever felt before, delighted her.

fantasy1The laughter from the other children turned into screams as Erin, still mentally charged with her new found ability, turned her attention on them.

“Erin, you’ve got to stop!” The voice of reason was more urgent this time, frantic in its need to make her drift from her new course. Erin did not listen. ~


Read the rest of the story ‘here :)!’


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