Monday Insights: Terminator 10 – Insecurities

mon1Insecurities can be destructive to our overall progress. This isn’t anything that you don’t already know right?

We let ourselves become so consumed by our insecurities, hang-ups about our ability to do well, or concerns about our products or services. Meanwhile, life passes us by, opportunities do this even faster and all we’re left with is a crumpled bag of hopes and dreams.

I’ve given into the negative feelings insecurities can bring on in the past and if I’m honest, it’s still a work in progress. How I combat these feelings, is by always trying to do my best and most importantly, focus on what I’m doing, as opposed to what others are.

mon1My dear friend who passed recently, often said ‘less time’. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, but what he meant was that we should make less time to dwell on insignificant things that don’t propel us forward. He didn’t want to hear about me feeling insecure about someone else’s progress, he wanted to know what I was doing to move forward.

Lovely readers, we can’t let insecurities keep us locked in a bubble that has no room for progress. We have to shake ourselves, stand by who we are, the quality of what we produce and believe in both.


How do you deal with insecurities? Talk to me in the comments below :).




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