Friday Highlights 111

happy1The 100 is back and I have to say I like that it’s more hardcore and action-packed this season. I really like the fact that there are so many elements to the show and multiple factions to root for. Even though these factions generally want to see each other dead, this season has begun to show how they help one another in various ways, some a bit more creepy than others ^_^. So, if you’re into soft sci-fi shows with less romantic drama and more action, this one could be for you. At least for now, not sure what’ll happen when the couples pair up again. Oi.

Besides hoping for a romantic-less future on Earth, I’ve been . . .



NIFCA1) Picked up two NIFCA (National Independence Festival for Creative Arts) Literary Awards at the gala that was held in Barbados last night. It was my first time entering and I was the only entrant in the Professional category (besides those who received special prizes) to be awarded. I was blown away when I found that bit out, as I’d admittedly rushed one of the entries and wasn’t sure it would place. Another reason I’m very happy about both their placements, is that they were connected to The Wardens Series (my supernatural thriller/fantasy ongoing series). One was the unreleased prologue and specially written for the competition — The Wardens Prequel: Erin’s Origins and the other was a few chapters of The Wardens Episode 1: Skins. Yes, I did do a little jig in my head ^_^.

Happy22) I also received my personal copy of Senseisha: Memoirs of the Caribbean Woman, where my creative non-fiction piece Diary of a Punching Bag is one of the stories featured in the anthology. In this story I write about my time in an abusive relationship and how I not only survived it, but the positive spin I took away from it as well. I’m very pleased to be a part of such a ‘raw’ collection of stories and though it’s not the kind of writing I’m usually associated with, I’m happy to have been asked to submit to the collection.

happy13) I received the best rejection letter ever today. I seldom send out queries and this particular agency is supposedly known for not always getting back to writers. Either way, I’d all but forgotten I’d approached them with the epic fantasy I was slaving over working on earlier this year. The essence of the email went like this: “I enjoyed what I read and thought it had some obvious strengths. Unfortunately, however, we have decided that it’s not quite what we’re looking for at the moment.” As you can probably imagine, I quite literally took nothing negative away from that. It was a beautiful moment in my submitting history and makes me even more excited to choose carefully and continue submitting this particular work to other agencies and publishers :).

happy13) I feel like there’s so much I want to tell you guys about, but I can’t quite yet. There are various things in the works and before jumping in and blabbing, I want to make sure they are properly put together and organised. Additionally, this week was the beginning of dealing with tragedy, as a dear friend of mine passed. I haven’t been as active on social media or otherwise because of it and almost didn’t even write this post today. However, he always wanted me to push no matter what and I know that in this instance it would be no different.


How has the week treated you all? Tell me in the comments below :)!


Remember you can message me if you’re interested in this blog facilitating a book tour stop, reviews, interviews, etc. Have a great weekend, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others, and thanks so much for stopping by ^_^.





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