Monday Insights: Walking In Your Shoes

I miss you most when everything’s quiet.

fantasy1Recently I suffered the major loss of a friend, bloodless brother, confidante, prankster, *insert any number of wonderful titles here*.

For the first time I truly understand what people mean about grief, I understand the postcards, the sentiments, the little things that before I could only reach out to, but couldn’t quite touch. It made me think about walking in others’ shoes and how we seldom know how someone is feeling unless we have experienced the same.

fantasy1Sure we can have an idea, but most of the time we don’t really know and can be harsh or lack in compassion just cause we figure ‘oh whatever, suck it up and move along’. I’m not just talking about grief with this one, but the many negative experiences we can face in a lifetime.

fantasy1So from this week and onward, let’s try to be more understanding, a little more patient and compassionate. We might not know what someone else is going through, but that doesn’t give us the right to belittle it or pass it over. Let’s be good to each other.


Is it easy for you to be patient with others? Talk to me in the comments below ^_^!




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