Friday Highlights 110

fri1Supernatural seems to be heading back to the path of righteousness in this its 10th season. I managed to watch the first couple episodes this week and have to say Dean back as ‘bastard-Dean’, is pretty damn awesome. I used to really love this show, like, it would literally be the last show I’d watch all week as I knew it wouldn’t disappoint me. However, somewhere around season 6 things took a turn for the ‘horribad’ and I just couldn’t get into the Winchester brothers and their crazy world as much as I used to. Here’s hoping that those episodes I watched weren’t just flukes and it continues to be great watching, especially if it’s the final season. Would be great to end a fantastic show on a bang :). If you’re into all things supernatural and the twisted folk who hunt and kill them, give this show a try ^_^.

Other than lazing around in Sam & Dean’s world I’ve been . . .


fri11) Met two very important editing deadlines this week and my body’s now kind of like ‘what do I do now?’ I’m feeling all wired, but physically I’m so tired. However, can’t stop quite yet and looking forward to taking some semblance of a break in December.

2) Signed on to do some more social media promotion work for another company, cause yes, I do that too. Always great working with new brands as you have to switch up the delivery for each one ^_^.

3) Taking tonight off and heading to a Halloween rave. I have to admit that part of the pull was — an 80 ft bar. Yes, you read it right. Barbadians love to drink and I can fri1already imagine what this night will bring. I’m not much of a drinker nowadays but after the last few weeks, it will be nice to unwind for a little bit. Besides the crazily long bar, there’s sure to be great music, as DJs are coming from across the Caribbean and South America and as I seldom head out these days will be fun to get the blood pumping EDM (electronic dance music) style :).

4) NaNoWriMo preparations = zilch. However I will be doing it and actually decided to work on The Wardens Series S02 this November. So that will be 5 brand new supernatural thriller/fantasy short stories featuring the exploits of wardens Erin and Zach, to look forward to ^_^.


What are your Halloween plans? Tell me about them in the comments below ^_^.


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