Monday Insights: Life Science. What’s Your Reaction?

mon1“Don’t let the reaction of others, determine yours.” My mum’s been saying that a lot recently and it really got me thinking about it.

So many times we react negatively or positively solely determined by how other people engage us. If it’s a grumpy ‘hello’ we find ourselves responding in kind, if a meeting is going well and everyone’s smiling and happy, we usually find it harder to be down in the dumps with so much good energy around us. There are multiple examples of this that I’m sure most of you lovely readers don’t have to look much further than an hour or two ago to see.

mon1This however, is not good at all. We shouldn’t let how others are feeling and by extension the way they approach or treat us, change who we are and make us act in ways we usually wouldn’t.

I am not saying if someone treats us badly we should just take it, what I mean is, we must try to maintain our positive disposition. Instead of being cold or reacting in kind, we could separate ourselves from them and the situation.

I can hear some of you asking me, ‘What about if the reaction makes me feel good and I end up being happy?’ Happiness feels awesome so kudos on that :). The downside though, is that good feeling didn’t come from within you, someone else had to trigger it. Unfortunately when that’s the case, we often find ourselves easily in the dumps again, waiting for our next fix and if that needle is injected with poison, it’s easy to spiral.

mon1I love Monday Insights because as I’m writing to you, I’m almost always talking to myself and this time is no different. I’ve said this before and here it is again: Let’s always try to be our best selves. If we’re busy doing that, it’s harder for negative versions of ourselves to make appearances.


How do you deal with reacting to the negative? Talk to me in the comments below ^_^!




mon4Welcome all new followers of this blog, I wish you and all my faithful supporters a wonderful week and, for more tidbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights :).