Random Wednesdays: Men Versus Women. Fight!

Hey lovely readers!

wed1You’re probably wondering what I’m on about in the post title and you can blame ‘Grammarly’ for that, as they recently conducted a study “with 3,000+ participants to settle an existential question that has been plaguing mankind for centuries: Which gender has the better writers?

Now, I personally don’t think gender has anything to do with what makes a good writer. To me it’s about passion for the story you want to tell. Dedication to the craft, always improving our abilities and of Cartoonist draws his own eureka moment.course, a few runaway killer robots every now and then :).

Despite my thoughts on the subject however, today I won’t argue with science and will simply share the results of this interesting infographic. With this study, the folks over at Grammarly’s tireless efforts may have opened up not only the possibilities linked to this question, but the meaning of life as we know it ^_^.

The infographic was also picked up by The Daily Beast and I‘m really interested to see where you guys weigh in. Come on now, no need for pitchforks, we’re all friends here :).


Cast your votes and share your thoughts in the comments below ^_^.

It’s been great sharing with you all today and I’ll see you Friday :)!





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