Monday Insights: Have A Nice Life

mon1“Have a nice life, I’m done trying to be in it.” I saw this quote recently and it really hit home for me because I realised I was guilty of the opposite.

Ever been in a situation where you slowly start to realise that you’re the only one calling? The only one making the effort to spend time or even just check in?

mon1After a while it starts to feel as though we’re trying too hard and sometimes because we’ve become so accustomed, we keep pressing on despite the negative feelings that can begin to build. We can develop grudges or worse and still we may keep trying to fight for space in the individual’s life, which in the end isn’t good for anyone.

We can’t spend time focused on those that are not willing to make us priorities in their lives, especially if the reverse isn’t true. Sure we all get busy and can’t always make time for those that we should, however, a little elbow grease can go a long way. If you’re doing your part and making an effort, don’t you think you deserve the same courtesy? The problem is, often we don’t.

I’ve been as much guilty of this over the years as I have been on the receiving end and the truth is, nowadays I’d rather spend an extra minute checking in with a loved one to make sure all is well, than suddenly realise that the individual feels so excluded that they decide to omit themselves from my life all together.

mon1Not being in someone’s life for this kind of reason doesn’t mean we no longer care about them, it just means we care about ourselves too and want what’s best for our emotional health. Don’t fight to be in anyone’s life, don’t have to be ‘invited in’ like some kind of vampire, especially when your door’s wide open.


Is it tough for you to let go when you know you should? Talk to me in the comments below ^_^!




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6 thoughts on “Monday Insights: Have A Nice Life

  1. There’s a lot of food for thought here. I actually leaned back in my chair for about 10 minutes, coffee in hand, stared out my window and reflected (again) on my marriage of thirty years, and why it is we’ve been successful where most of our friends and family are on their second/third marriages. I don’t have an answer but if you ask me, I do believe we truly enjoy each others company, and in truth, I’m lonely when Theresa isn’t around. I don’t think there’s a lot of luck involved, there has been, and is, work in the form of communication, and empathy. The sad thing that we both have seen, too many of our friends in relationships they shouldn’t be in, and 99% of the times, they end horribly.

    1. Thanks for the comment, it’s wonderful that you and your wife continue to be so happy. I always love to hear about stories like this.

      In this case, I was thinking of a friendship and though it hurts to turn away from it, in the end it’s for the best.

      Thanks again for sharing Rob, wishing you and yours the very best :).

  2. I so agree with this thought but I think the real challenge is knowing when to call it quits instead of hanging on indefinitely to a relationship which is not emotionally fulfilling (to either party). And so, I’m going to take up a new mantra and not be afraid to move on especially if it means starting a whole new chapter or taking up an entirely new book 🙂

    1. Yes, it can be scary to do so, especially when you’re still on the fence — wondering if maybe you’ve done something wrong, etc. However, I feel like as long as we know we’ve done our best within any relationship, walking away ends up being the best thing for all involved.

      Thanks for commenting :)!

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