Monday Insights: I’m A Hypocrite

Sometimes I’m a hypocrite.

mon1I always go on and on about chasing opportunities, even having a call to action on ‘@jackiejoneslive’ at the beginning of the week, in order to inspire myself and others. Half of the time I do grab them, while the other half of that time is spent waiting until the last minute to jump on them.

It’s so weird how when we can literally taste success we often shy away from it. We put obstacles in our way or put aside viable opportunities instead of charging into the fray.

mon2One of the things I’ve been trying to do when I either see a blatant opportunity, or see a situation that can be turned into one, is act on it immediately. Even if acting means just sticking my hand out and shaking its hand, I’ve been trying not to throw anymore great opportunities to the wayside just because I’m what? Scared? Anxious? What is it really that makes us fall under the procrastination blanket the closer we come to achieving goals?

mon3Apologies lovely readers if you were looking for an answer in today’s post. The truth is I think it’s one of those things we each have to figure out for ourselves. We each have to sit ourselves down and really have it out in order to move past the hindrances we build for ourselves.

I don’t want to be stuck behind that last jump anymore and as such, I’m heading in at a gallop and believing for the best. Let’s all try to take advantage of the opportunities we’re given. They’re put there for us for a reason, let’s find out where they lead :).


How do you deal with new opportunities? Talk to me in the comments below ^_^!




mon4Welcome all new followers of this blog, I wish you and all my faithful supporters a wonderful week and, for more tidbits like this one, search using the keywords Monday Insights :).

2 thoughts on “Monday Insights: I’m A Hypocrite

  1. Ouch! This one hit home because sometimes I am sure I have a degree in procrastination (something I didn’t even study for but have perfected over the years)! In the end what you say is true, the only person who can figure life out for me is me; the only one I am accountable to for either pressing ahead or staying back is me … time to get moving! And thanks for the kick in the *** Jackie!

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