Friday Highlights 107

fri1I’ve realised in the last years that I truly enjoy political dramas, especially those with hints of thriller and or action. The latest one I’ve picked up is Madam Secretary, which stars Téa Leoni as US Secretary of State “Elizabeth McCord”. Each episode features her taking on members of the White House staff as her way of doing things is often frowned upon. However, you guessed it — she always comes out on top. At least so far she has and, I haven’t been annoyed at her ability to conquer all quite yet ^_^. So, if you’re like me and into this genre of TV series, this one could be for you :).


Other than following a fictional official, I’ve been . . .




fri21) Been researching magical realism to get the true essence of what that genre is. I’m thinking a story I’ve been working on is within that genre, but wanted to be sure. Feel free to suggest books you like in this genre.

2) Pushing towards tying up loose ends for 2014, so I can have a couple weeks off in December. I use that lightly as I won’t be truly on vacation.

fri33) Editing and writing — what else is new right? Haha. However, this time I was doing it while balancing a typewriter on my head. Okay, not really ^_^.



That’s all from me today my lovelies, remember you can message me if you’re interested in this blog facilitating a book tour stop, reviews, interviews, etc. Have a great weekend, be safe, happy and share the good vibes with others, and thanks so much for stopping by ^_^.





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