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wed1Last week’s Monday Insights’ post was along the lines of taking only what you needed from situations, as overdoing could sometimes have negative results. (Read the post here: ‘Strip! Greedy Pants Off!’)

Artist and writer Lawrence Grodecki, regular reader of this blog and wonderful virtual friend, commented about needs versus wants and knowing the difference. I put him on the spot immediately and suggested a guest post on the subject. He kindly obliged and shared his views using a ‘writerly’ angle ^_^. Enjoy Lawrence’s post below :):



~ “Take only what you need.” It sounds so simple, and perhaps it should be? But when it comes to friendships and other relationships, it seems it’s never quite that way.

wed1It tends to get complicated when needs get mixed up with wants. Do any of us always know the difference? I sure don’t . . . seldom stop to think about it, if ever. But I suppose this is a good thing, at least when it comes to writing. After all, no matter what the genre, there are heroes and villains and everything in between.

wed1Heroes tend to give without asking for anything in return . . . selfless sacrifice . . . and villains are the opposite. The bad guys (and gals) become tragic, even sympathetically so, when you realize that they don’t seem to comprehend the joy of selfless giving. Oddly though, the heroes seem less admirable when they occasionally slip away from their giving ways. It seems even the best of them once in awhile have needs of their own, or is it simply wants?

whip1In much of today’s popular writing there is something about domination and submission. In those cases, who is the hero and who isn’t? There is the submissiveness . . . that curious way of needing to please . . . even then is there an undercurrent of greed . . . unspoken needs, or is it secret wants? When you think about, that kind of scenario really explores the curious fusion of wants and needs. “Take only what you need,” becomes a completely different dance.

wed1Yes, it is really all so simple! Like almost all things human, perhaps it’s best just to find something to laugh about and hope we “don’t make the wrong mistakes” along the way. If you are wise, you will ignore my words of wisdom. You will probably learn more about wants and needs from this little video: http://youtu.be/BmZAxRH3Ibs. After all, what do I know anyway? ~


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