Monday Insights: Dare Not To Care

It’s true that when things get tough we find out who’s really in our corner.

mon1Wading through the muck of someone else’s problems isn’t always the easiest thing, but those that are truly interested in our well-being, will put their boots on and do it anyway.

Recently I started thinking about the people in my life that are truly there for me if necessary. This led me to thinking about those I’d felt mon2sure were, but actually weren’t. I remember how awful I’d feel when I came upon the realisation that some of those I felt were really in my corner and rooting for me, were actually only around when things were good. When the lights were on, the fridge full and car outside waiting to take us anywhere we wished. Analogies aside, some of you know what I mean and those that don’t, here’s hoping your relationships are true and you never have to experience that moment of clarity.

mon3Wonderful readers, in situations like this we need to dare not to care. Think about it: We ask ourselves things like “How dare he or she do this after all we’ve been through?” in fact, I’ve heard myself utter similar words before stopping and checking myself. Often, while we’re being hurt by the person that ‘dares’ to ‘wrong’ us in our eyes, they’re carrying right on with their own lives, not even aware of the turmoil we’re experiencing.

mon4Let’s try to stop caring so much what others are doing, or what they might have done to us. It’s not healthy and it just makes us hang onto negative feelings for way too long. Focus on those that are there, that haven’t folded up shop and jumped ship when seas looked a little too choppy. Dare not to care :).


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